Interstate-10 Temporary Retaining Walls

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Project Overview: One of the complication factors for the installation of temporary retaining walls on this project was the very limited space on the project, due to continuous live traffic on one of the busiest intersections in Tallahassee. The limited space required by the ASAP sheetpiler was instrumental in the successful completion of this project.

Our client Anderson Columbia was an excellent partner to work with and so was Leware Construction, the bridge builder on the project. Tallahassee has some very different soil than the rest of Florida with a very thick red clay, which absorbs vibration energy from sheet pile installation and makes it extremely difficult and slow to vibrate sheet pile to tip elevation. The ASAP Sheetpiler with its hydraulic connection to the vibratory hammer and the ability to put 17 tons of down force on the sheet pile while vibrating, was critical to the timely completion of this project.

Client: Anderson Columbia

Owner: Florida Department of Transportation

Year(s): 2007-2008

Critical success factors where: Limited space required and 17 tons of additional down force


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