Ronald Reagan Parkway Phase I

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Project Overview: This project consisted of large quantities of temporary and permanent retaining walls for a total of 195,362 square feet in multiple phases. The project was a widening of an existing Parkway for Cherry Hill Construction.

Key element for success on this project was the ability of the ASAP Sheetpiler to move around the jobsite quickly form wall to wall, without interruption the ongoing traffic and moving around the existing utilities that were still operational. Due to our fast installation process we were able to complete this project, well below budget and in half the time our client had originally anticipated

The video on YouTube of the ASAP Sheetpiler where we drive a 45 foot sheet pile in 30 seconds was made at this project

Client: Cherry Hill

Owner: Polk County Florida

Year(s): 2006-2008

Critical success factors were: Flexibility of the Sheetpiler and fast pace of installation


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