Pump Stations G-434 & G-436

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Project Overview: The ASAP Sheetpiler returned to work for our very first client on this project, which included the construction of two large-scale pump stations as part of the Compartment B Build-Out program for the South Florida Water Management District.

These two pump stations had heavy-duty sheet piling in the wing walls for the intake and outflow structures and as cut-off walls required for the construction of the main pump house. The pump stations were several miles apart and required the ASAP Sheetpiler to walk the distance between the two, and although the original top hard layer was blasted, there remained an extremely hard layer that the ASAP Sheetpiler was able to penetrate due to the additional 17 tons of down force it can generated through its patented design.

Client: Harry Pepper

Owner: South Florida Water Management District

Year(s): 2010

Critical success factors were: Maneuverability and additional down force provided by the ASAP Sheetpiler.


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