Progress Energy Bartow Power Plant

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Project Overview: This project was part of an expansion of power distribution lines from a power plant to a electricity distribution plant in St Petersburg, Florida. The scope of work for ASAP was the installation and removal of temporary sheet pile for 6 driving and 6 receiving pits for the clients directional drilling operations to cross existing roads.

ASAP also installed and removed temporary sheet piles for the construction of 15 manholes on the project for a total of 146,000 square feet of sheet piling. The whole length of the project was about 5 miles and therefore the flexibility of the ASAP Sheetpiler to move around the job site easily and quickly was part of the success of this project.

The re-use of the sheet pile in different locations was an important part of the cost savings on the project. The speed of installation and removal of sheet pile by the ASAP Sheetpiler was a critical part of this.

Client: Kiewit

Owner: Progress Energy

Year(s): 2007-2008

Critical success factors were: Ease of moving around on the job site and high production.

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