Project Description


Address: 788 NE 23rd St, Miami, FL 33137

Description:  Temporary Sheet Pile Shoring for Foundation Work.

Challenge: Provide a shoring solution that was watertight and that did not have to go through the hard limestone layer portrayed in the project borings.

Solution: The ASAP team worked with the General Contractor in the development of the excavation plan in order to put together the most efficient shoring solution. The main concern for the foundation work was to limit the dewatering efforts, for this reason, Hot-rolled steel sheet piles with Larssen interlocks were used to mitigate the amount of water expected to seep through the piles. In addition, sheet piles were driven to just above the limestone layer with the goal of avoiding a potential fracture of this layer, thus preventing a clear path for additional seepage underneath the excavation. Proper designing and installation allowed to keep the underground water inflow within the capacity of the available dewatering systems.

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