Project Description

Kravis Center Garage

Address: 701 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Description: Temporary Sheet Pile Shoring for Foundation Work

Challenge: Install and remove sheeting through very dense sands without disturbing the residential buildings surrounding the site.

Solution: The ASAP Sheetpiler used its unique driving technique of combining pressing with high-frequency vibrations to drive the piles. This method allowed the successful installation and removal in very dense sands with “N” values as high as 58 blows per foot. The driving operation remained at all times under the admissible vibration threshold, thus preventing any impact on the surrounding structures. The vibration output was controlled by the operator from startup to finish, having a big impact especially at the startup of the hammer. This usually is where most of the detrimental vibrations from standard vibratory hammers typically come from. In addition, the ability of the ASAP Sheetpiler to drive through really dense soil without any pre-forming created cost savings for the general contractor and it also substantially shortened the duration of this activity.

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