Project Description

Mercy Hospital Seawall and Landing Dock Replacement

Address: 3663 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33133

Description: Permanent Sheet Pile & Pipe Pile Installation

Challenge: Drive piles to minimum tip elevation given hard soils and operate equipment from limited work platform without damaging existing pavement.

Solution: In order to drive the piles through soils with “N” values of 50/2” a combination of vibratory installation and impacting had to be implemented. Sheet piles were stand up and driven until refusal with the vibratory hammer and then driven to minimum tip elevation with an impact hammer. This hard-driving was performed without damaging the piles. In addition to the soil conditions, a limited work platform was provided. This proved not to bear additional difficulties given the ASAP Sheetpiler versatility to operate as a modified excavator. We utilized wood boards to walk the equipment without damaging the existing asphalt. We successfully installed 2,086 linear feet of sheet pile seawall. This one will protect the existing failing seawall that was badly damaged by hurricane Irma.

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