Project Description

Park Grove Towers

Address: 2811 South Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL

Description: Foundation Temporary Sheet Pile Shoring

Challenge: Provide a cost-effective sheet piling solution that needed to be driven through hard material within close proximity of adjacent buildings (10 coffer cells and perimeter sheeting).

Solution: ASAP worked closely with the general contractor at Park Grove towers to develop a cost-effective shoring solution that followed the construction sequence. Material was re-used thus creating cost savings, installation and removal of sheet piles was tailored to the general contractor needs. All drivelines were pre-drilled prior to installation to minimize vibration and to allow sheet piles to reach minimum tip elevation. The cell closest to the adjacent building was braced for further support to the sheet piling. This also helped limit deflection to unnoticeable levels. The entire operation was completed successfully without any issues pertaining to vibrations and/or settlement to adjacent structures.

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